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EPI-NO Delphine Plus was developed in Germany by an obstetrician, and midwives, as a Childbirth and Pelvic Floor Trainer used to prepare the perineum, and reduce the risk of tears, and episiotomy during a vaginal birth. Clinical studies have shown a link between perineal injuries during childbirth, the risk of incontinence, and sexual health. EPI-NO offers women considering Caesarean Section another option.

EPI-NO can be used during pregnancy to strengthen the Pelvic Floor Muscles (exercising) prior to commencing Childbirth Training (preparing the perineum) after Week 36.

EPI-NO is clinically proven to significantly increase the chances of an intact perineum, increases control during delivery, and is more effective than perineal massage.


EPI-NO consists of: 
(1) a narrow contoured silicone balloon.
(2) a hand pump, 
(3) pressure display, 
(4) an air release valve, 
(5) connected by a flexible plastic tube.

The EPI-NO balloon is soft, easily inserted, and naturally shaped so that it fits the vagina perfectly. EPI-NO must be used only with a water based lubricant.

EPI-NO Delphine Plus is a DUAL PURPOSE training device.

1. EPI-NO Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises can commence early in pregnancy. A strong pelvic floor supports the weight of childbearing, and is more resilient in it's recovery after the birth.  A strong pelvic floor provides more control during delivery. In these exercises the balloon acts as a sensor and is only minimally inflated. Following the birth Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises recommence after 4-6 weeks and can continue indefinitely.  EPI-NO provides bio-feedback on Pelvic Floor strength.

2. EPI-NO Stretching Exercises commence after Week 36 and continue until the end of the pregnancy term. These exercises gradually stretch the perineum in daily sessions of 20 minutes comprising several cycles of 5 minutes duration. In these exercises the balloon is inserted and inflated at the perineum. Women training with EPI-NO will normally achieve a dilation of between 8.5cm and 10cm over 3-4 weeks. Women achieving 8.5cm will achieve the extra 1.5cm when the head is crowning. Following the stretching exercises the balloon can be glided out, simulating the experience of control during delivery. 

Childbirth Preparation in Stages

Position of EPI-NO when deflated

Childbirth Training (preparing the perineum) commences after Week 36. The balloon is inserted two thirds into the vagina and inflated to the level of personal comfort. The balloon size is gradually increased daily, from one training session to the next, each session lasting about 20 minutes. (usually 4 cycles per session).


Position of EPI-NO when inflated to 10cm after 3+ weeks of training.

Optimum training is achieved when the balloon size has reached a diameter of 8.5 -10 cm (3-4 inches) and can be pushed out while inflated. EPI-NO pelvic floor muscle exercises can be practiced throughout the pregnancy, and recommenced 4-6 weeks following birth after consultation with your doctor.


A German Study indicated a shorter 2nd Stage of Labour and better APGAR Scores forEPI-NO babies.

It is recommended that women consult a health professional before using EPI-NO.



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