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How does OvuPlan Scope work?

About three days prior to ovulation the level of oestrogen increases dramatically and reaches its peak during the day of ovulation. Scientific research has shown that these high levels of oestrogen can be observed in a dried sample of saliva when viewed with a microscope. The OvuPlan Scope mini-microscope is a scientific instrument with a lens that magnifies your sample of saliva. By comparing the image of your saliva in the viewfinder with the images provided in the instructions you can determine your hormone activity and your most fertile period.


Why should I use OvuPlan Scope?

Simple, convenient and easy to use
OvuPlan Scope relies on a saliva sample so it is simple and easy. The mini-microscope is convenient to use anywhere. It may take a little time to learn how to use it, but after a while you will master the art of interpretation.

Fast – results in 15 to 20 minutes
OvuPlan Scope requires only 15 to 20 minutes for the saliva sample to dry. Once dry, you just view the sample through the lens to determine the result. If saliva is not dry, you may need to leave it longer (up to 1 hour).

Ideal for women with irregular cycles
Women with irregular periods can find it more difficult to determine ovulation using urine tests. OvuPlan Scope allows women with irregular cycles to monitor their oestrogen surge without needing to calculate the length of their cycle.

Predicts ovulation in advance

OvuPlan Scope can help identify the rise of oestrogen around 3 days before ovulation. This provides plenty of time to plan your sexual activity. By monitoring results every day, you learn about your own fertility patterns and the changes in your cycle.

Excellent value for money
OvuPlan Scope is reusable month after month and does not require a battery for operation. It is a very cost effective way to predict ovulation.


Interpreting your results

Compare your result to these patterns. Please note that these images are a guide and yours may not look exactly the same.



  • Unlikely to conceive
  • Dotted pattern
  • Before and during menstruation

During the infertile period oestrogen levels are low and no fern pattern will be visible. You may see tiny black dots and some dried saliva rings in the yellow field.



  • Possible to conceive
  • Dotted and fern pattern
  • 3 days before ovulation and just after ovulation

During the transition period oestrogen levels are beginning to rise and both dots and ferns will be visible. This means that you are likely to ovulate within the next 3 days. You should now continue to use the OvuPlan Scope at least twice a day.



  • Most likely to conceive
  • Fern pattern
  • Ovulation

During the fertile period oestrogen levels are peaking and ferns will be visible. This pattern indicates that ovulation is about to take place – or is occurring.

Recording your results

You may wish to record your results using a camera (e.g. mobile phone camera). Move the camera up to the lens on the purple coloured side of the device, point towards a light source until you can clearly see the results and then take a photo. This allows you to create a record of your ovulation cycle.

To help track your menstrual cycle, record your results in the table provided in the pack. Use the following code to identify the periods:

I – Infertile
T – Transition 
F – Fertile


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