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Know Your Rosehip

What You Should Know About Rosehip

Rosehip has been used for centuries as an ingredient in skincare and more recently as a natural anti-inflammatory. So how do you know if a supplement can deliver on its promise?

Several factors will support claims made and one should take note of that when choosing any supplement, including Rosehip.

What should you look for in a Rosehip supplement? Science is the key.

When evaluating science which supports a product, it is important to ascertain the level of testing, with the most detailed level being double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials. These trials are then published in independent peer-reviewed medical, pharmacology and health journals. 

Clinical trials cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each so a measure of a brand’s commitment to Research & Development to ascertain efficacy can be measured by investment in trials. In addition, a list of clinical trials should also include those which are independent of the company to ensure independence and objectivity of the findings.

Generally, clinical trials list the exact product name or manufacturing company somewhere within the abstract, trial content or the references. These findings do not automatically translate to other Rosehip products and claims based on these by other companies may not be relevant to those products.

Rose-Hip Vital is manufactured by Hyben-Vital in Denmark, is supported by over 30 unique clinical trials which have been published in peer reviewed journals internationally. The brand is acknowledged as the leader in the field of Rosehip manufactured as a natural anti-inflammatory. 

The respected international researcher, Robin Christensen, author of Rose-hip Vital Meta-analysis - emphasises that it is only the Rose-Hip Vital product manufactured by Hyben Vital, Denmark (also known as LitoZin) that has been the subject of testing in clinical trials.


Rose-Hip Vital is the only product in the world which contains the patented Galactolipid GOPO® compound. 

According to scientific research* the Galactolipid GOPO® isolated from dried and milled fruits of Rosa canina by bioassay-guided fractionation is an anti-inflammatory agent with inhibitory effects on chemotaxis of human peripheral blood neutrophils in vitro. It's presence in Rose-Hip Vital  explains the clinically observed anti-inflammatory properties of rose hip herbal remedies.
 * An Anti-inflammatory Galactolipid from Rose Hip (Rosa canina) that Inhibits Chemotaxis of Human Peripheral Blood Neutrophils in Vitro

Erik Larsen, Arsalan Kharazmi, Lars P. Christensen, and S. Brøgger Christensen

Department of Food Science, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Research Centre Aarslev, Kirstinebjergvej 10, DK-5792 Aarslev, Denmark, Department of Clinical Microbiology, University Hospital (Rigshospitalet), Tagensvej 20, DK-2200, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Department of Medicinal Chemistry, The Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universitetsparken 2, DK-2100, Copenhagen Ø, Denmark.

Regulatory Approval

Australia adheres to strict guidelines regarding therapeutic claims for complimentary therapies. These claims need to be supported by scientific evidence found in clinical trials. In order to make a claim, these trials should relate specifically to the product. Other products which use these trials to support their claims are not as efficacious as they do not use the same manufacturing process.

Rose-Hip Vital uses a unique patented manufacturing and drying process which activates a compound found within the fruit which then acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. If the Rosehip is manufactured without this process, claims may not be made about efficacy, if referring to these clinical trials.

Manufacturing Process

Rose-Hip Vital uses a unique manufacturing and drying process which is patented worldwide. It is this process which enables the efficacy of the product as a natural anti-inflammatory. Rose-Hip Vital is the only product in the world which can make claims based on this unique manufacturing process, and which is supported by over 30 unique clinical trials.


Know more about your Rosehip

There are several varieties of Rosehip, but only Rosa Canina has been used in trials. Make sure the product is manufactured using the same Rosehip variant as is listed in the trials.

Efficacy is enhanced by the soil the plants are grown in, which need to be mineral rich. Rose-Hip Vital is manufactured in Langeland, Denmark, where the soil quality is rich in minerals.


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